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This section is intended to help with the most commonly asked questions related to the Just For Today mailing list.  Please read this section before contacting us.

How does the JFT list work?

How can I subscribe to get the Just For Today Daily Meditation in my mail box every day?

How can I unsubscribe to have the Just For Today Daily Meditation cancelled?

I received a verification email but I cannot complete the registration process.

I receive more than one copy of the JFT every day. How do I stop this?

For some reason my JFT emails stop coming to my inbox.

What happens to my email address when I subscribe to this list?

Can I write to the list webmaster?

1) The JFT list subscription and unsubscription is fully automated. The actual mailing of the list is done manually every day. The list is sent around midnight Eastern time for the following day's reading.

2)You can subscribe to the JFT list by going to our subscription page, insert your email address, and click on Ssubscribe.   Next, respond to the confirmation email that will be sent to your email. Please check your Junk / Spam box if you do not see this email in your inbox.

3)You can unsubscribe from the JFT list by going to our main subscription page, insert your email address and click on unsubscribe.  You will then need to confirm your wish to unsubscribe on the following page. You will be sent an email confirming that you have been removed from the mailing list.  If you have trouble unsubscribing please email the list owner at

4) The confirmation email sent to you is a unique string of code specifically for your subscription. You must either click on the link in the confirmation email or copy and paste the complete line of code into your web browser. Some mail programs do not link the entire code so you may have to copy and paste the code. If you continue to have confirmation or registration problems you may then contact the list owner at, and include a complete description of your problem.

5)There are a few possible reason why multiple copies of the JFT may arrive in your email box. You may have subscribed more than once using different email addresses that are directly mailed to you or through a mail forwarding service you may use. Or, someone else may be forwarding the email to you. You can go to the subscription page and unsubscribe any email address at any time.

6) The JFT reading could be discontinued to your email box for a variety of reasons. Many mail boxes have a limited amount of mail quota (size of the mail box). When that has been exceeded, the email bounces back.  Also, spam (unsolicited email) is often controlled by your mail setting or software on your Internet Service Providers server or on your computer. Please add to your email contact list and check your spam box for the email. If you still feel like there is something wrong with your subscription please email the list master at and it will be checked for you.

7) This mailing list is a private list. Your email address will be used solely for the purpose of the JFT mail out and related issues.

8)If you need to contact us because the answers above have not answered your concern, please send an email to with a complete description of the problem you are having.

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