February 8

What is a sponsor?

an NA sponsor is a member of Narcotics Anonymous, living our program of recovery, who is willing to build a special,
supportive, one-on-one relationship with us.

IP No. 11, Sponsorship, Revised


What is a sponsor?  You know:  That nice person with whom you had coffee after your first meeting.  That generous soul who keeps sharing recovery experience free of charge.  The one who keeps amazing you with stunning insight regarding your character defects.  The one who keeps reminding you to finish your Fourth Step, who listens to your Fifth Step, and who doesnt tell anyone how weird you are.

Its pretty easy to start taking all this stuff for granted once were used to someone being there for us.  We may run wild for a while and tell ourselves, Ill call my sponsor later, but right now I have to clean the house, go shopping, chase that attractive...  And so we end up in trouble, wondering where we went wrong.

Our sponsor cant read minds.  Its up to us to reach out and ask for help.  Whether we need help with our steps, a reality check to help us straighten out our screwy thinking, or just a friend, its our job to make the request.  Sponsors are warm, wise, wonderful people, and their experience with recovery is oursall we have to do is ask.


Just for today:  Im grateful for the time, the love, and the experience my sponsor has shared with me.  Today, I will call my sponsor.